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Founded by seven COPD patients, COPD-International is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide information and interactive support for COPD patients, caregivers, families and concerned individuals. At COPD International, you will not be alone. Organized and staffed by individuals with COPD, caregivers and other individuals interested in COPD, it provides an online, interactive resource of information and support through its chatrooms, message boards, e-mail lists, community forums, a weekly newsletter, a blog, quit smoking and exercise support areas, and an extensive library which is also the permanent home of Bill Horden's COPD-Advocate, (the original COPD Advocate) -- renown for such writings as the COPD Survival Guide.

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The website with its 46,600 files (800 mb) features:

  • 7 Chat Rooms with 39 scheduled chats for interactive education and support, including special topic chats for newcomers, caregivers and quit smoking support.

  • 7 Message boards providing help, guidance and answers to specific questions.

  • 3 List Servers providing 24 hours a day e-mail information and support.

  • A Quit Smoking (QSN) program that provides the ongoing support to help kick the habit.

  • An Exercise guidance and support program.

  • A 3 part Keep in Touch (KIT) program, featuring a master list of contact information, a daily login for those who live alone, and a pen pal program to encourage interaction, especially for those who do not get out.

  • A Loving Thoughts program provides a special message center for sending caring messages during tough times.  These messages are often printed out and taken to COPDers who are hospitalized.

  • A Cheer Bear program which anonymously sends cards and cheerful messages to help people though difficult times as well as sending special messages of thanks or greetings.

  • A Welcome Wagon program, staffed by community members, helps new and old website visitors by sharing information and providing website assistance and guidance.

  • A Remembrance area, dedicated to all COPD Patients, known and unknown, who have gone on before us.
    Down through the years, we have lost many of our friends and family to COPD. Many are listed there. Even more remain unknown to us. Some visited using only a nickname, while others remained totally unknown, preferring to read, learn and seek comfort in the knowledge that they were not alone.

  • An ever-expanding reference area complete with a searchable Library. Included in the library are;
    Over 700 files of COPD related information
    The Reading Room - With current news feeds from around the world on COPD subjects.
     Printable checklists, ranging from questions for your doctor to lists of medical abbreviations that apply.
    The Personal Experiences pages featuring a collection of articles written by patients and caregivers.
    The Guest writers section, featuring articles on specialized subjects
    The Bill Horden Wing - Best known for the COPD Survival Guide, and the newsletter and website called the COPD Advocate, this pioneer of COPD Advocacy set the standards for providing today's support and information. The Bill Horden wing of the library is now the permanent home of all of Bill Horden's writings. A must read for all, his COPD Survival Guide is referenced on medical websites around the world
    A weekly email newsletter to keep you informed on the latest COPD news.

  • The COPD-Info blog, with its RSS feed, provides the very latest news, articles and information on COPD.
  • Guidance and Support for starting a local area support group including a manual and checklist

The website deliberately does not require, nor ask for membership. This policy decision allows the many, who are shy, embarrassed, or otherwise inclined not to be identified to still receive support and education on their disease, even in anonymity. The following monthly statistics illustrate the success of this decision.

  • Total Visiting Users: average of 125,000 - 130,000 per month (over 1½million per year pace)

  • Total hits (including graphics): more than 605,000 per month

  • Total page views: 460,000 per month (pages of information about, or in support of COPD)

  • Total data transferred: more than 11.75 gigabytes per month

  • Our message board alone receives 78,000 visits per month from thousands of registered users, an untold number of unregistered posters, and an untold number who simply go there to read and educate themselves.

Data collected: 1/28/2013

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