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Weather Related, Power Emergencies Checklist

This quick checklist can be printed out as a handy reminder and reference tool to make certain you are well prepared at all times. Feel free to add whatever items may be applicable to your personal needs.You may wish to post it in an often-viewed place, bulletin board, refrigerator front, inside a commonly-used cabinet door, etc. The most important thing to remember is to be prepared and never panic.

General items

  Flashlights and/or candles
  Batteries - all sizes
  Battery-operated radio
  Hardwired phone (non-electric) and/or fully charged cell phone
  Wind-up or battery-operated clock
  Battery-operated, hand-held fan for extreme heat
  Manually-operated can opener
  Ready-to-eat foods, snacks, juices, etc.
  Bottled water for drinking and taking medications
  Blankets in case of winter weather
  Medications handy and together as much as possible
  Adequate supply of medications at all times, including extra MDIs (inhalers)
  Emergency shelter locations
  Red Cross, senior centers, transportation, emergency, etc., numbers in easy reach
  Friend, relative or neighbor that will check on you or one that you can easily keep in contact with
  Updated list of all medications, doses, prescribing information, doctors' names and numbers, pharmacy number

For those on o2 and/or other power-operated equipment

  Have a battery-operated nebulizer if possible
  Adequate supply of your nebulizer medications in MDI (inhaler) form
  Know how to run your nebulizer medications using the tubing connected to your o2 supply
  Extra nebulizer cup and tubing ready and within easy reach
  Liquid o2 users make sure you always have an adequate supply
  A portable unit handy and filled in case you may have to leave your home in a hurry
  Concentrator and compressed o2 users know your backup system
  Be ready to convert over quickly in case of a power outage
  Adequate supply of portables within easy reach
  Extra portables ready in your car
  o2 supplier's phone number handy, along with their 24-hour emergency number
  Emergency shelter locations that can aid you with your o2 and other equipment needs

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