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Tips For Staying Safe At Home With COPD

It is estimated that there are65 million people living with COPD worldwide. It’s important to learn how to manage your COPD to keep you safe and as healthy as possible. Putting down the cigarettes,staying active and living as healthily as you can will help you to manage your COPD, combined with some simple changes around the home to make daily tasks easier.

Oxygen In The Home

8 out of 10 COPD deaths are caused by smoking and many continue to smoke once diagnosed, despite it exacerbating the condition. However, quitting can be difficult, meaning that many people end up being on oxygen, which doesn’t mix well with smoking, or more specifically, the open flame of a lighter. Any open flame is a problem, so fireplaces, ovens, hobs and candles should also be avoided when oxygen is in use or has recently been. The oxygen will build up in the room and on the person meaning you should wait at least 10 minutes before going near a flame. Switching to an LED fireplace means you can keep the warmth,style and appearance of an open fire style and appearance of an open fire without the risk. You can also use LED candles and cook using a microwave when oxygen is needed.

Remove Slip And Trip Hazards

As COPD is a progressive illness there are many people living with it who are elderly and have reduced mobility. Even for those who are younger and mobile, on a bad day with COPD there’s an increased risk of falls so you should plan for this. Rugs and mats can easily be tripped on, particularly for someone using a walking aid, so these should be removed, along with any clutter or items that block an otherwise clear path. This will also reduce the chance of your oxygen cable catching on anything..

Tips For Personal Hygiene

Many people with COPD don’t wear their oxygen while having a shower or bath, but there’s no reason not to and it can make it safer and more comfortable for you. You should consider getting a shower chair so that you have the option to sit down while having a shower. These can be wall mounted and fold-able so that they can tuck out of the way if you’re having a good day and want to stand or if there’s other people in the home who use the shower. A detachable shower head can make it easier to wash yourself, especially if you’re using a shower chair, which can help to reduce how tired or out of breath you get. Bathrooms can become humid from the steam which can impact your breathing, so open windows and use an extractor fan to help remove steam.

These small changes will help to make tasks safer and less exhausting for you, which will in turn help you to remain as independent as possible for as long as you can. Using oxygen in the home should be done responsibly, so if you do smoke you need to take precautions and never smoke while using oxygen or soon after.

Submitter By Cassandra Lister


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Last modified: Oct 20, 2018

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