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     For us, we have many varied capabilities and therefore varied needs for keeping in touch with the world around us.  We know that COPD tends to make hermits of many.  Unfortunately, that tendency also contributes to a diminished quality of life. 

     Many have had the unfortunate experience of loosing track of an e-mail friend or loved one, only to find out later that they have been very ill, in the hospital, or worse.  Some of us who live alone have also found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of winding up in the hospital due to an emergency with no means to contact our friends and support lists. Two parts of  program has been setup as a way to help eliminate some of these problems and fears.  Lastly, we tend to withdraw - cutting our social ties and friendships, either through our own decisions or unfortunately due to others either not able to recognize the seriousness of our condition, or their inability to cope with it.

To counter this, we have developed the following three part program:

  • A members list of COPD patients who wish to register, providing contact information which will enable the administrators to find a patient who has suddenly disappeared.

    NOTE: No information from that master list is ever made public.  Only the program administrators have access to it.   

    Example: Mary suddenly stops visiting chat, or posting to the message board. An administrator would be the person who would send emails and/or make phone  inquiries.

    Example: Bill requests contact information for Charlie.  We simply would pass on the request to Charlie.  It would then be his/her decision to respond.  Bill would never be given the information directly.

  • We have established a contact only list, as a supplement to the members list, for those who live alone, and wish to have a place to "check in" on a regular basis.  The value of this for those living alone has proven itself for years.  Though we can not provide emergency contact, we can inform family and/or friends to have them check up on a person.  The list is checked on a regular basis. If a person does not check in that day, the steps are as follows:

    1) An email reminder is sent to the individual.
    2) After a short time to allow for a response, a phone call is made.
    3) If the phone call step fails, the emergency contact person is notified.

    Note: The member list information must also be completed.

    The daily check in is fast and simple: More Information
  •  To encourage friendship, and continued contact between COPD patients around the world, we are establishing a "Pen Pal" program.

    NOTE: Information provided for the pen pal program is available to all. For your privacy and security, we suggest that you consider not using your permanent email address and not using your full name for the public listing.

This program is NOT:

  • A substitution for your regular support structure.
  • A replacement for any lifeline or other programs available in your particular area. 
  • A primary means of obtaining emergency care in times of need.
               You should call your emergency services!
               (911 or go to the emergency room etc.)
  • A substitution for our other programs, such as the regular lists, message boards or chat rooms.


Last modified: January 25, 2011

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