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   (May 31, 1947 - - Jun 14, 2010)

On Nov. 12th, 2005 Joe Meeks, a newcomer to COPD, first joined us at COPD International - with the following words "been disabled since feb 05 and smoke free since then. live alone and that is realy a struggle. lung function is 27% just need a lot of support"

From that day on, Joe started to learn all he could about COPD. With that knowledge, plus his drive to help others, Joe's influence on the COPD community continued to grow. He worked tirelessly, organizing COPD patient get togethers, helping newcomers in chats, and becoming very active as an associate and then a member of the management team for the COPD Foundation's COPD Call Center. In that last position, he handled all the scheduling and basic support for the call line associates. His work there, though often in the background, helped to provide much needed assistance to thousands of COPD patients and families everywhere.

All of that pales in the light of his friendships - for Joe leaves behind an almost endless list of people who he touched and who consider him a valued friend. Yes, today, the COPD Community lost a great advocate and tireless worker, but more important, we, the individuals who make up this community, lost a treasured friend - an irreplaceable person who was always there for us.

Rest Well my friend - I, and the entire COPD Community that you worked so diligently for, are sad and will miss you, but we also are so much richer for having known you.

Originally in COPD International newsletter
Monday, June 14, 2010 -- Volume #9 -- Issue #24