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(7/24/43 - 10/7/2012)

Remembering the ultimate Lady.

Down through the years, we have lost many of our friends and family to COPD, but few have left the mark on our hearts and minds as Lyn has. This remarkable woman provided guidance and support for untold thousands of COPD patients and caregivers for more than a dozen years, always putting that help ahead of her own needs.

She was the 12th visitor to sign up at COPD International, arriving on the very first day that the website was open. Days later, she completed chat host training and started actively on a path that touched and helped COPD patients and caregivers not only in the chat rooms but also in the email lists and the message boards. So dedicated, she would be the first to step up to cover for a sick host, or volunteer to take on a new support role.

We all know her from the internet as a true gentle lady. The notes left on the loving thoughts pages shows that with such comments as "She was warm and wise and funny and made me feel so comfortable" and "she was always a friend to every one, she loved her chatters". But away from the Internet, this amazing lady was always a friend to every one. Friends have said they have seen her in restaurants stop and talk to little kids about the o2 tank - or stop men or women in uniform and thank them - she always greeted her neighbors when she would see them from her kitchen window. Two of Lyn's favorite things to do was to go for short walks and just look at things, and most of all she loved to go to Wally world and drive all over with one of their carts and even there stopping to talk to just any one - always willing to talk to folks about COPD and invite them to visit COPD International.

Our Lyn was the Ultimate Lady, gentle and caring. She never met a stranger, for she was always outgoing and just loved people - every one was a friend.

Rest well Lyn, secure in the knowledge that you have taught us the true meaning of loving and caring
for all.