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Chat Room Guidelines

Welcome to our COPD-International Chat Room(s). We certainly hope you will have an enjoyable and rewarding time here. As with all our programs, some basic guidelines are needed for the optimum benefit of everyone.

Our chatroom(s) are open 24 hours a day for your use. We ask that you use the same guidelines in the chat room(s) as you use in any of our programs. Common sense and courtesy go a long way in a forum of this nature. Remember that people cannot hear your tone of voice or see your facial expressions, so some things meant in jest can be taken the wrong way.

Unlike our e-mail list, where we ask you to try to stay pretty much on COPD-related issues, our main chat room can be a fun place to meet new people and get to know each other on a more personal level. However, when a new person comes into chat for the first time or if anyone has questions, their needs should have priority over friendly, off-topic chatter. We ask that you try to help them and also refer them to our Web page at for further information and assistance.

With our expanded programs, we have added additional chat rooms which are related to specific topics, such as smoking cessation, caregiving, etc. In those rooms, we must insist that you stay on topic as much as possible.

Please keep in mind the following while visiting chat:


Refrain from such controversial topics as politics, religion, race, sex and advocacy (government) issues. We are an international group with a diverse array of different backgrounds. We do not wish to offend anyone. Off-color comments and jokes have no place here either.


Our main focus should always be to help those with lung disease and their families first. Fun is second, but surely welcome and enjoyed by all. Keep in mind also that none of us are medical professionals, so all information shared should be taken as a sharing of ideas and NOT replacements for advise by your medical team. Discuss any and all changes you may consider with your physician first.


Open prayer is not allowed in chat. This can be offensive to those with different religious beliefs and backgrounds. Saying "I will keep you in my prayers" or other minimal comments are fine; however, open prayer is not. If a situation warrants it and all agree, a moment of silence may be initiated by anyone.


Refrain from swearing and flaming or criticizing others. We are free to disagree with another person, but poor behavior toward another person will not be tolerated. You can and will be asked to leave and could be eventually banned from chat if it continues.


We ask that when you begin to visit chat you pick a name to be used with each visit and keep it. Coming in and out of chat using different names makes it very difficult for everyone. Nicknames are fine, as long as they are not offensive. Many like to use their first name, followed by their state initials to help others remember where they are from.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding chat, we ask that you forward your comments to the chat room coordinator as soon as possible so any problems can be addressed immediately. You can reach the chat room coordinator(s) at E_Mail Support

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