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(9/19/1935 - 6/15/2014)

On September 29, 2002, just a few months after our website opened, Norm, a 32 year Navy veteran, signed up for our elist. Little did we know what was to come. Norm, with his diverse background became the "go to" person for so many COPD patients. In the Navy, he was a physicians assistant, and followed it with a number of years running his own business - a landscaping business which he named "Stormin Norman". In May of 2003 Norm joined our chat host team - a position he excelled at and continued even when his COPD was gaining on him. It is there, in his chat rooms, that so many great memories were born

From his perch at the top of the chat room list, Norm organized the first of many "Indy" get togethers - an opportunity for our members to meet each other in a weekend of socializing. Under his guidance, it became an annual event - one that brought COPD patients together from all over the country. Oh yes, and there you could see one of his vices - though he had given up smoking years earlier, he loved to have a cigar to chew. There in the Indy get togethers, Norm was always the center of the fun - and often teased for having a harem.

And who can forget his talking about Bear, his cat that he loved like a kid. Then there are his words - often words that we needed to hear like "Pace, Pace, Pace" and wait 20 seconds before leaving the room, so folks could say bye - it was his rule. Have any of you tried Normacillian (his creation of honey, vinegar in cup hot water for cough) - - I wonder if it made a person afraid to cough. Then, what fun we all had with him as he learned to use his Dragon so he could talk instead of typing. He never knew what would come out in the text, especially in chat.

There was a serious side to Norm too - he was very dedicated to his family, traditions and to the service. He was the Master of ceremonies for every Memorial Day and Veterans day event.

As he entered his last days, there were many conflicting reports as to his condition - it was a puzzler. Looking back now, I suspect Norm, in his own way was controlling his destiny. He often said he wanted to die at home - the home where he was born, and in fact he passed on in his Mother's room. He was born there on Sept 19, 1935, lived there, and passed on there on June 15, 2014 . His other wish shows his dedication to his military background, for he will be buried at sea.

Today, we are all sad - sad for the loss of a thoughtful, caring man - one that everyone loved - - but we are so much richer for all the years we had together.