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bullet See the Personal Experiences Index of articles by COPDers
on various subjects, including Spiriva, LVRS and transplants.
bullet Visit the library wing featuring COPD Advocate Bill Horden's works.

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The COPD International Library is an ever growing information resource for COPD and related subjects. In addition, information to help you get the most use out of this Web site is included here. 

Library sections include:

bullet Library Index - This is an alphabetical listing of most of the articles 
and items contained in the Library.
bullet Search Feature - This keyword search feature will find any reference 
to a particular word, phrase or abbreviation in any items contained 
in the Library.
bullet Kids Corner - Special information to help younger family members
understand what is happening to a loved one or a family member.
bullet Checklist Index - A special index of printable checklists, ranging
from questions for your doctor to lists of medical abbreviations that
apply to the COPDer
bullet The Personal Experiences page links you to a collection of articles
written by COPD patients and caregivers about their experiences
with COPD
bullet The Guest Articles page links you to a collection of articles that do not
reflect personal experiences, but rather are more educational in nature.
bullet The Reading Room - Has current news feeds from around the world
on COPD and COPD related subjects.  
bullet - features the writings of the COPD Advocate.
Best known for the COPD Survival Guide, and the newsletter and
website called the COPDadvocate, this pioneer of COPD Advocacy
set the standards for providing today's support and information.

Last modified: October 13, 2012

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