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A Tribute to Billie Mahaffey
(October 7, 1939   -   April 25, 2003)


In November 2002, as a part of her Thanksgiving message to all of us here on the COPD-International lists, Billie Mahaffey said:

"Thanks to everyone who left footprints in my life, I have much to be thankful for. You are all in my prayers!!! Take Good Care"

On April 25, 2003 ,in the early morning hours, she peacefully left her final footprints here on earth. Billie's list of accomplishments over her years are impressive: ranging from a district manager with 198 representatives under her, to Construction Contract Administrator where she was Builder of the Year, in Santa Clara County, CA. in l988.

As one of the Founders of COPD-International, our Treasurer and our Exercise Forum leader she showed such a deep desire to help others, combined with a very cheerful and enthusiastic outlook on life, and the ability to guide us through tough times. She was the driving force behind the exercise forum and weekly exercise chats - an area that she developed based on her own experiences after a serious prior illness.

Using Billie's own words, "We have so much to be thankful for"  Yes we all do. She certainly left footprints on our lives, as she encouraged us all to exercise.

Even greater though, are the footprints she left on our hearts and minds, which are immeasurable and will be with us forever.

Her work will live on, carried on by others who have been touched by her kindness, cheer and enthusiasm.