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Remembering a Remarkable Man

James "Jed" Douglas
(May 31, 2005)

Jed was a very remarkable man, active as he could be, with a never ending supply of support and guidance for everyone. Never one to complain, he lived every day to its fullest regardless of his own medical situation.

Jed joined COPD-International in September of 2002, and in January of 2003 hosted his first chat - a position that he excelled in. Since then, we have been blessed with his wit, charm, patience and ability to reach out and help others. You only need to see the outpouring of thoughts and emotions to realize the impact he has had on the untold number of COPDers he has touched world wide. Add to that the impact that both Jed , as a COPDer, and his wife Janet, as a caregiver, had at the NHLBI workshop in September. There, both left lasting impressions on the entire range of the COPD community - including Doctors, Researchers, Therapists etc. - far more than just the patients. He had been appointed to the Patient's Advisory Committee for the COPD Foundation - a position he looked forward to, as it was going to allow him to work towards greater COPD awareness at all levels.

One very unique and personal way Jed connected to each on a very personal level is his website with pictures of COPDers here at COPD International. That website will now become a permanent part of COPD-International as a permanent tribute to Jed and his vision.

From meeting and talking with him in person as well as in chat, I know he would want us to remember him and his fighting will, and continue to fight our individual battles as he fought his.

His patience and ability to reach out and help others stands as a benchmark for us all to attain.

I know I speak for all who had even the slightest contact with this remarkable person, when I say:
Rest well my friend - you will be missed - We are so much richer for having had the opportunity to know you.