One of a COPD patient’s biggest concerns – Treating Pneumonia

In a VA North Texas Health Care System and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas study of nearly 65,000 patients 65 years and older who were hospitalized with pneumonia, treatment that included azithromycin compared with other antibiotics was associated with a significantly lower risk of death and a slightly increased risk of heart attack.

The final analysis reported in the June 4 issue of JAMA included 31,863 patients who received azithromycin and 31,863 matched patients who did not, but some other guideline-concordant therapy. The researchers found that 90-day mortality was significantly lower in those who received azithromycin (17.4 percent, vs 22.3 percent). There was also an increased odds of heart attack (5.1 percent vs 4.4 percent), but not any cardiac event (43.0 percent vs 42.7 percent), cardiac arrhythmias (25.8 percent vs 26.0 percent), or heart failure (26.3 percent vs 26.2 percent).

Pneumonia and influenza together are the eighth leading cause of death and the leading causes of infectious death in the United States, and despite recent research suggesting that azithromycin may be associated with increased cardiovascular events, this study indicates that the benefits of azithromycin treatment for it far outweigh the possible risks.


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  1. neta prefontaine says:

    I learned to be more careful re: the care I get and to have a friend with me. thank you for the eye opener. I haven’t had to be in the hospital for awhile. When i am in it is usually not from COPD. (At least that is what they tell me). My doctor is never there when I go to emergency. I had a Tmj the last time I was in and they told me it was just a migraine headache.Even when I told them I don’t get them the doc on duty said “Yes it is” and sent me home with pills in my system. i was not happy when I had this happen later that week. I don’t get much care in hospitals Then they scoot you out on Thursdays so they can fill it up with new patients coming in on the weekend. We need better doc’s in ER.

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