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This search engine only searches the library listings,
however, it searches every file for the particular words you input into the search request.

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Note: If you are doing repeated searches, and you start getting no results, 
click on the refresh button on your browser prior to each new search. 

Tips to help refine your search:

  1. Use of quote marks.....  "pursed lip breathing" will return results that have both words together. If you omit the quote marks, you will see a list of all files with either pursed or lip or breathing.
  2. Use of the + and - signs ..... adding the plus or minus sign before a second word will qualify the first word.   Example: living+healthy will return results about healthy living, while living-healthy will exclude information about healthy living.
  3. The use of the wildcard * ..... This will help you if you know a part of a word.  Where you place the * will determine the results.  Example *flow will result in your getting results with peak flow, while flow* will yield results for flow meter.