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You can learn to control this disease instead of letting it control you. Although COPD is not curable, the symptoms are treatable and your quality of life can maintained or even improved. It is possible to feel better, stay active, and slow the progression of the disease

Since the disease COPD is not curable, the primary goals of treatment are:

Any treatment plan involves 2 broad areas - one part totally controlled by you, with the other involving your medical team.

The lifestyle part of your plan should include:

The medical part of your plan may include:

Medicines are used to control your symptoms. Not everyone with COPD takes the same medication, and most people need to take more than one type of medication. The many different COPD medications come in many forms: pills, vapors, powder, liquids, and injections. They are basically very safe, however like most medications, there are side effects which can occur and vary depending on the medication and dose. The way the body responds to medications often changes over the long term creating the need for evaluation and changes.

Long-term oxygen treatment may improve your quality of life. It can help you live longer when you have severe COPD and low oxygen levels. You may notice less shortness of breath and have more energy. In addition to helping increase exercise capabilities, sufficient levels of oxygen are critical for protecting vital organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys and liver.

Additional Information:

Pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD includes a program of exercises that helps people build their physical fitness. Many pulmonary rehab centers also teach people breathing techniques and strategies for living better with COPD

Surgical Options:


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