About This Blog

We know that the diagnosis that you or a loved one has this disease is often totally overwhelming and very scary. However, the reality is

COPD is NOT a death sentence!

By learning all we can about this disease and also by understanding what is going on within our bodies, we are much better able to cope, and to know what we have to do to slow down the progression.

This blog will be keeping you posted on the newest information about COPD, as well as providing tips and personal experience stories. As a supplement to our main website, we want to help you to learn to control this disease, instead of letting it control you.

We welcome your comments on the various subjects posted here. All comments are moderated, so there will be a slight delay before they appear.

Remember, You are not alone! - be sure to visit the main website to see the various ways that you can interact with other COPD Patients.

Again – welcome,