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global support for those suffering with COPD

COPD International       Your International Support Network

You can learn to control this disease instead of letting it control you!


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The following quote best illustrates the philosophy that guided the COPD patients who created this support and informational Web site....

"If you have a debilitating chronic disease, it's only logical for you to be fearful, depressed, frustrated, angry and to suffer a deep loss of self-esteem. It's even understandable to feel you have the right to some self-pity.

But you also have the right to redirect those energies toward managing your disease, ....."

Bill Horden
COPD Advocate

COPD-International is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide information and interactive support for COPD patients, caregivers, families and concerned individuals.

Founded in June 2002 by seven COPD patients, COPD-International has no salaried employees.  It is staffed by volunteers, and operates with minimal expense, funded mainly by donations.

The COPD-International Founders


Susie Bowers
Chip Gatchell

Deb Hannigan
Billie Mahaffey
Ray Price

Cindy Schian
Dorothy Williams

The Advisory Committee

Your Chat Hosts


Carolynn Bates, Host-Carolyn
Chip Gatchell, Host-Chip
Cindy Schian, Host-Cindy
Cindy VanBrocklyn, Host-Cindyma
Claire Nichols, Host-Claire
Danny Spurrier, Host-Danny
Dave Cain, Host-Dave
Debbie Hannigan, Host-Deb
Dorothy Williams, Host-Diane
Jacqueline  Lavigne, Host-Jackie
James Kite, Host-James
Joan Bannon, Host-Andora
Joe Sweeney, Host-Joe
Judy Rice, Host-Judy


Kay (Vivian) Hansen, Host-Kay
Kitty Weary, Host-Kitty
Linda Scott, Host-Linda
Mary Young, Host-Gal
Miles Campbell, Host-Deter
Naomi Barkley, Host-Naomi
Norman J. David, Host-Norm
Pam Fierstien, Host-Pam
Robert Pettit, Host-Rob
Rhonda Shields, Host Rose
Sue McCluren Host-Sue
Susie Bowers, Host-Susie
Terri Lopau, Host-Terri


Note; Several of our hosts are currently in an inactive status due either to other commitments or to their current medical status.


The Chat program could never have attained the high level that it  has without the additional efforts of the following who are no longer with us. 


Billie Mahaffey, Host-Billie -  (A founder and our original Exercise forum host)
Ray Price, Host-Ray - (A COPD International founder)
Dan Hartman, Host-Dan - (our very first volunteer host, and assistant Chat Coordinator)
James Douglas, Host-Jed
, - (one of our most respected hosts and the original creator of the scrapbook)
Peggy A. Ross, Host-Peggy
- (she will always be remembered for her other name "mouse" - Mouse always hung up her mouse ears as she left the chat room)
Rachelle Kaiden - (Our night owls host - the midnight chat)
Lynne Roberts, Host-Lyn - Lyn joined us on the very 1st day the site was online, and within days started hosting, something she excelled at for over 10 years - helping untold thousands of COPD patients and caregivers.

Other Staff


Caregivers Forum -  Mary Young

Quit Smoking Forum - James Kite (Forum Leader), Mary Young

Chat Coordinator - Robert Pettit

List Administrator - Chip Gatchell

Message Board Moderators -  Robert James Kite, Chip Gatchell, Mary Young, Joan Bannon

Newsletter Editor - Susie Bowers

Facebook Team - Chip Gatchell, Joan Bannon

Website Team - Chip Gatchell, Susie Bowers
      NOTE: All the founders were instrumental in creating the website as you see it today.

Delegates to other COPD Organizations


American Thoracic Society, Public Advisory Roundtable (past) - Pam DeNardo
COPD Council
- Chip Gatchell (Co-chairman),
COPD Digest - Editorial Board - Chip Gatchell
COPD Foundation - Chip Gatchell - A former member of the COPD Foundation Board of Directors, serving almost 10 years from its founding in Sept 2003 to June 2013.

In addition, many of our staff and members provide additional volunteered support to other organizations to assist them in attaining their goals.

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COPD International.
Ed Harris
3550 Fordsmill Road   
Versailles Ky     40383

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