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The following quote best illustrates the philosophy that guided the COPD patients who created this support and informational Web site....

"If you have a debilitating chronic disease, it's only logical for you to be fearful, depressed, frustrated, angry and to suffer a deep loss of self-esteem. It's even understandable to feel you have the right to some self-pity.

But you also have the right to redirect those energies toward managing your disease, ....."

Bill Horden
COPD Advocate

COPD-International is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide information and interactive support for COPD patients, caregivers, families and concerned individuals.

Founded in June 2002 by seven COPD patients, COPD-International has no salaried employees. It is staffed by volunteers, and operates with minimal expense, funded mainly by donations.

The COPD-International Founders

Susie Bowers
Chip Gatchell

Deb Hannigan
Billie Mahaffey
Ray Price

Cindy Schian
Dorothy Williams

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