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Guest Articles

The following articles are published here to provide additional information, often written by a patient or caregiver, and reflecting patient's or caregiver's  perspectives.  Be sure to also visit the personal experiences section of our library for additional articles,  many of which are very informative as well as inspirational.

Breathing Techniques - by Philip J. Cable

Oxygen: Emergency tips during power outages - by Peter Wilson,

Save Your Lungs, So The Music Can Always Be Played - By Lori Palermo

Starving for Air - By: Lori Palermo

Sick Lungs Don't Show - adapted from a 1998 EFFORTS Brochure,  by Edna Fiore

Dear Family -  "An Open Letter to Family Members from Your COPD Person" written by Jo-Von Tucker is a perfect reflection of the thoughts and emotions of a family member with COPD.  Jo-Von's work continues to inspire us thorough such writings.

The information and guidance provided in these articles should never be interpreted as a diagnosis, treatment plan or any other form of professional service. Please see our full disclaimer for additional information

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