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Have you just heard the words

"You have COPD"   

With those words, often there is a rush of confusion, panic and a sense of loss of control over one's life. 

 For many, the first thoughts and questions center around the questions of longevity. 

The reality of it is:

COPD Is Not a Death Sentence!

Those positive words of wisdom, written by the late Bill Horden,
COPD patient, advocate and writer,
have given thousands the hope that they could not only live with COPD,
but live well. 

     COPD, though considered a chronic, debilitating and sometimes fatal disease, can be managed, controlled and slowed down. It is mostly up to you. .You can lead a good and long life, with a great deal of quality and joy left even after that diagnosis.  Many of our volunteers have over 20 years of experience in dealing with COPD.  The most important factors contributing to a longer and healthier lifestyle include, but are not limited to:


Early accurate detection
Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry) is the primary diagnostic tool
All COPD patients should also be tested for Alpha 1


Find a knowledgeable healthcare provider -  preferably a pulmonary specialist
You and your healthcare providers need to work together as a team


Stop smoking
This is considered the single most important step in your treatment program


Follow your medication regimen faithfully - Even though you are feeling "fine" for periods of time, it is important to continue to take the prescribed medicines.  Many are actually maintenance medications, designed to stabilize your COPD.


Diet and food preparation are special problems for those of us who have COPD
Bill Horden's  An SOB In The Kitchen" is a survivorís guide through a healthy kitchen


Exercise regularly
    Avoid the downward spiral of getting short of breath, so you do less ---- doing less allows your physical condition to deteriorate which means less muscle efficiency with the limited oxygen --- so you  get short of breath faster,  which makes you do less.  On and on that downward spiral continues - you then are able to do less and less --- on and on till you can't do much of anything. You are almost completely immobile and maybe even bed ridden.
Pulmonary Rehab (referral needed by your doctor)
Reduces respiratory symptoms (shortness of breath)
Improves your mental and emotional outlook
Educates you about your disease so you can better deal with its variables
Increases your stamina with exercise
Enhances your ability to perform activities of daily living
Continue a maintenance exercise program after rehab to avoid deconditioning


Join a support group for persons with COPD
There may be a local area group that meets monthly
Join or visit one of the online support groups
Interactive support provides a wealth of experience from COPD patients
Often they have already dealt with many of your fears


Educate yourself about every aspect of your disease
Including its related problems, medicines and procedures


Keep accurate notes about your condition, including copies of all your tests


Take infection prevention steps to limit exacerbations which can lead to additional lung damage
Many doctors will prescribe antibiotics to keep on hand at home
      ◙ Learn under what circumstances to immediately begin taking these
     ◙ Be sure to get Flu and Pneumonia shots

You can learn to control COPD instead of letting COPD control you!


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