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Personal Experiences

The following articles were written by fellow COPDers and published here to provide information, insight and inspiration from the patient's perspective.  Not only do these stories show that COPD is NOT a death sentence - - they illustrate the fact that we, as COPDers, can still lead a long, active fulfilling life. 
Yes, we have to alter it some, but never the less, it can be a life filled with good things.  As you will see from these articles, ATTITUDE is all important.

Be sure to also visit the Guest Articles section of our library for additional
articles, many of which are very informative as well as inspirational.

My Journey - by Mary Radawski - provides a window into her thoughts and feelings as she takes us with her on her journey through the hospice program.  

Bunny's Story - by Bunny Music - traces her COPD story from an active real estate rental agent
thru several emergency ER visits, to LVRS and her life today as an active voice for the COPD patient.

Caregivers Window by Ray Ritchey - Featuring  blend of his hard learned lessons as he cared for his wife (Tippy) combined with questions and answers submitted in the caregivers message board.  Visit the caregivers message board for posts by Ray (Tippy2) and more information..

On to Boston by Mike McBride - His list of accomplishments is already awe inspiring, but for his next  challenge, Mike will be the first COPD Patient to participate in the prestigious B.A.A. Boston Marathon, the world's oldest annual marathon.

The Hospice Experience (A Patient's Perspective) by Larry Taylor - This gift to all COPD patients will help us all to better understand and prepare for dealing with the life limiting aspects of the disease.

The Hospice Story  -- by Betty Baareman -- One of our most delicate and tough areas of discussion are those centering around the decisions about the Hospice program and other related end of life issues

Rosemarie's Story by Rosemarie Leatham (Whitedove) is a courageous accounting of her life threatening experience with cigarettes, smoking and O2.  As she said, "my goal for it was to help someone not to live through what I did."

He will take your breath away by Cassie Spurrier is a loving daughters profile of her dad - written just before he received his call for his lung transplant.

My Transplant Journey by Danny Spurrier is the recounting of his lung transplant experience.

The Fork in the Road - by CG - Life is full of choices and decisions - but those of us with this disease called COPD have extra ones to confront us. This article is based on speaker notes to groups.

COPD is not a death sentence -- by Susie Bowers is an article that was published in the Lancet (September 4, 2004) outlining her feelings as she dealt with the diagnosis of COPD..

Fishing With Emphysema -- by Danny Spurrier -- This story of a fishing addict with COPD traces the transitions and attitude adjustments that can be made to allow a COPDer to continue to do the thing he loves the most. (Note: This article was written prior to the lung transplant)

My Experience with TransTrache oxygen --  by Kathie from Ulm, Montana  --  Kathie says it all with her closing statement of "To me it spells freedom" as she takes you through the steps required.

"Is it for me?" -- by Tony Hamel -- An informative article designed to assist the COPDer in the difficult decisions surrounding the question of undergoing the Lung Transplant procedure.

On the Road Again -- by Lance Woodard -- This personal story of a Lung Transplant patient, presented in diary form, takes you day by day through the process.

Spiriva - From a Patient's Perspective -- by Warren from OZ -- A first hand account on Spiriva, which was sent to our e-mail list Jan. 5, 2003.  He had been on Spiriva for about three months at the time of the writing.

Spiriva - A Patient's Perspective -- by Danny Spurrier -- A first hand account on Spiriva, which was sent to our e-mail list May 21, 2003.  He had been on Spiriva for about three months at the time of the writing.

LVRS - A Patient's Thoughts -- by Woody -- traces his thoughts from his disability date in 1989 to his LVRS (lung volume reduction surgery) in 1995 to today (8/8/03)

A Patient's Story Continues - by Woody - First was LVRS - Now here is my  Lung Transplant Story

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