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You can learn to control this disease instead of letting it control you!

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While we want all our programs, forums, message boards, chats, etc. to be as open and free as possible, as in all programs involving many people, some basic guidelines are always a necessity. The following are some basic rules that are required for participation in any and all of our programs.

Goal and Purpose
First and most important is that our primary goal and purpose is to provide support, love, understanding, advice, education and encouragement for all our members and subscribers with COPD and other related lung conditions, their caregivers and family members. Open sharing, information and questions are encouraged. You are free to sit back and watch, but all are welcome and invited to participate in all discussions.

Advocacy and Politics
While these are extremely important topics, they have no place here in our program. Our primary goal, as stated above, has no room for these issues in our programs. There are many other Web sites that focus on these particular agendas. However, we must insist these issues not be discussed here.

Commercial and Open Selling
Is absolutely prohibited. While members/subscribers are free to post any information and links about items they think may be of value to others, no one may post anything to the group that would provide a financial gain to the person posting. Posting by business professionals seeking sales or profit are also expressly prohibited.

is not accepted for this website.  Our funding is strictly through donations and unrestricted educational grants.

Courtesy and Netiquette
As with any group, conflict and disagreements happen. It is extremely important to keep a level head at all times. Medicine is a science, as we all know, and what treatment works for one individual may not work for another. All are welcome to share opinions; however, outright nastiness, name calling, swearing and so-called “flame” messages will not be tolerated.

If you think you may say something in anger, please think about it first and wait until you have calmed down. If you still feel a need to comment, decide whether it should be done openly or to the group before sending. We are each entitled to our opinions, and that right should be freely shared. However, we must all agree to disagree when the need arises.

Spamming and flame messages will not be tolerated and can be grounds for immediate removal from any and all of our programs, per the decision of the Advisory Board.

We must also remember that in an international group, such as ours, treatments available in one country may not be available to others.

Controversial Topics
Among a large group of people with various backgrounds, some subjects are extremely controversial, and should not be a part of our programs. Discussions involving politics, advocacy, sex, religion and jokes in questionable taste are to be avoided at all times. We all have our own list of personal friends we can share these items with, but this is not the place for them. Remember, we are here to help and support each other, not hurt each other.

Medical Disclaimer
It is extremely important that everyone realize that this is a site created by and for those afflicted with COPD and their caregivers. None of us are physicians or medically-trained professionals. All information and advice shared is for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult your medical team for your personal medical needs and before making any changes in your medical program.

For additional information, please review our complete disclaimer.

Privacy Issues
All information is kept in the strictest confidence.  Our Lists are never sold nor rented.
No personal information is ever made available to any outside person or agency.

Please Note: Posts to the message boards and Email lists should NEVER
                     include any personal information.

Our e-mail list(s) are closed lists. Therefore only members/subscribers may post. As such, a degree of privacy is to be expected. Postings are not to be taken from our list to other lists, nor should postings from another list be posted here without the author’s prior permission. Privately sent messages from one subscriber to another should also not be posted to the list, unless permission has been given.

For the Chat Guidelines - CLICK HERE

For the Posting Guidelines (message boards and e-mail lists) - CLICK HERE


Last modified: March 18, 2011

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