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Posting Guidelines

General Guidelines for Both the Message Boards and the E-mail lists

Before posting to any of our programs, be sure to first review the Policies and Netiquette section of our Web site. The guidelines and rules outlined there are the same for all of our programs.

Our e-mail list and forum/message boards will only accept plain text. They will not accept HTML formatting or attachments of any kind. This is done in an attempt to prevent spam, virus-infected mail and other unwanted information from entering our programs. We strongly suggest you have good virus protection software in place regardless and keep your virus data files updated because you will probably be receiving e-mail replies from individuals.  These personal emails do not go through our server.

Anyone is free to post to the forum/message boards using the guidelines set forth on the Policies and Netiquette page.

Our main focus should always be issues, questions, comments, etc., regarding COPD, lung disease in general and topics surrounding COPD and its related complications. Off-topic posts are discouraged as a general rule. Jokes, funny stories and other off-topic comments should be shared with your friends in private posts.

We request Signature Tags be limited to no more than three lines for the sake of space.

Guidelines for E-mail list posting

Our e-mail list(s) are for member/subscribers only. You will need to join as a subscriber before you can post messages to these lists. To join our e-mail list(s) please go to Our List Sign Up Form

We have set up one day a week, TGIF Day (Its Friday), to share off-topic, interesting and humorous posts to our e-mail list(s). You are free to post off-topic, in-GOOD-taste posts, such as links to amusing sites and cards on this day. Please take care to follow the basic rules of courtesy and civility in what you chose to post. We can have some fun, but let's not go overboard and flood the list.

To post a message, question, introduction of yourself, articles, related links, etc., use the appropriate address for your subscription. The specific list addresses are as follows:

For the main COPD List:

For the Caregivers List:

Note: For general help and questions:

When replying to a message you need to decide: Is my reply of interest to many on the list? Or, is my reply only directed to the person you are replying to? If the message may be of interest to all, then use your reply-all function of your mail program. That way the person as well as the group will see your answer. If you wish to direct your message to only the person that wrote it, then please use your reply only function.

Please watch your subject lines in your posts. Make sure you are clear in what you are asking. It makes it easier for people to scan what they are interested in reading first. If you tag on an existing post and change the topic, please be sure to change the subject line in the post as well.

If at all possible, when replying to a post, please leave only enough of the original e-mail to be clear in what you are replying to. Messages can become extremely long and difficult to follow when several tag onto one post.

Message Board Posting

When Replying to an existing thread (message subject) - use the Post Reply Button

When creating a new subject thread - use the Post New Topic Button

TIP: Returning to the main list of messages is most easily done using the Back Button on your browser

Please Note: The message boards are open to all - young and old.  Messages will be edited for any offensive content as well as off topic content. 

Note: For general help and questions:

Send mail to: ..... with questions
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