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The COPD-International Welcome Wagon is a group of supportive and knowledgeable community members who are versed in areas of the illness of COPD. They are not medical professionals, but fellow sufferers who over time have gained information on living and coping with COPD. 

Welcome Wagon members have a good common-sense understanding of our affliction and are dedicated to helping others become more informed in order that they, too, can lead the best quality of life possible. 

As a newcomer, we are glad you have found our COPD-International community and invite you to take advantage of the collective knowledge and experience of our Welcome Wagon team. Knowing all you can about COPD will not only make you a better informed patient, but will help you take control of your disease as many of us before you have done. 

The Welcome Wagon members are patients, much like you, who have learned how to lead the highest quality of life possible with a debilitating disease. Members of the Welcome Wagon share their personal experiences in order that others may benefit from their first-hand knowledge of the diseases that encompass COPD. 

Our Welcome Wagon members are actively involved daily in all aspects of the COPD-International community programs. They are community members committed to supporting new members by the sharing of information that will help them achieve a better, more fulfilling life. 

The Welcome Wagon members also offer emotional support to those who suffer from the anxiety, depression and fears that typically accompany the diagnosis of a life-altering, incurable disease. 

Again, Welcome Wagon members are not medical professionals, their first-hand, combined knowledge and personal experiences allows them to provide guidance on many of the most common questions of those recently diagnosed with COPD, such as:

  • Doctor-patient relations
  • Understanding test results, such as pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and 
    arterial blood gases (ABG)
  • COPD Medications - Various COPD medications and their purpose
  • Applying for disability
  • Coping with stress, depression and anxiety, fear
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation, importance of exercise
  • Signs and symptoms of related respiratory problems
  • Related Web site resources
  • Oxygen needs (supplemental oxygen and equipment)
  • Pulmonary terminology
  • Smoking cessation

Join us and benefit from the experience, strength and hope that our Welcome Wagon team provides to help you live the best life possible. Your fears, concerns, anxiety, depression and physical well being will improve greatly by understanding all you can about your disease. 

Our Welcome Wagon team is here to support you in your journey to better health and a more rewarding, productive life. 

Knowledge is power, information is how we get that knowledge.

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Last modified: March 18, 2011

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